Why do people love innocence even though innocence isn't an inherently good thing to have?

Absolutely. I think that a human being lacking in malicious intent isn’t necessarily better than one that has evil in their heart. The universe has to balance itself after all, and innocent or corrupt, they are just different sides to the same coin. Those who are innocent don’t have the selfish intent behind their motives, hell, they may hardly have motives at all, and that to me is beautiful. However, big however here, there are indeed two sides to this also. I think of the girl who rode along with a friend to complete a drug deal she was completely oblivious to, and her innocence nearly got them both killed because she was too naive to realize she needed to be cautious and protect herself. That might be when someone could say it’s stupid, but it’s just a lack of experience and that is where we all start anyways. I just have no desire to shatter any innocent’s illusions before they absolutely have to be.

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