People need to stop blaming the audience for not having great energy and start blaming WWE

I'm going to speak from my own personal experience and opinion.

So, after I saw that AMAZING NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 9 early monday, I decided that I was just going to stop ignoring all the other products that were out there besides WWE and TNA and I was going to give one last chance at RAW. So, last night I as was watching RAW I tweeted about how I was going to give it one hour. However, I went out of my way and analyzed WWE as a whole while watching it (up until the Ambulance match-ish). This is what I ended up with:

The fact is, the "main" storyline is all over the place! Adding Seth onto the WWE Championship match makes absolutely no sense! He is the MITB winner! UGH!

Then the fact that everything WWE does it's about John, and when I mean everything, I mean EVERYTHING. He's on the videogame's ads, the storylines, the intro of the show, the ending of most of the shows. So why not make a John Appreciation night?!?!

The matches... no.... the booking of the matches seems really uninteresting, almost like they don't care about what they do anymore because they "know" we'll be back next week. Through out all of the matches, I was able to PREDICT the outcome and HOW they got to the end.

The ratings are at an all time low and still, nothing seems to improve. They throw us bones here and there just to make us shut up (like the Ambulance Match) but when something is bad, they just tell us "it's just smarks complaining about everything, you should appreciate it more" or something along those lines but it's not fair to fall back onto that excuse once the product as a whole is bad.

By saying this I'm not saying "OMG GIVE BRYAN A TITLE MATCH AGAIN! YES YES YES". But if you bring someone to the main roster, it's because you want him to learn as much as possible and eventually become a HUGE OOMPA LUMPA MEGA STAR, yet, for the past years we've seen how everything involving progress just stopped. I was excited when Kofi had a win against Orton back when he was champ, I cheered when R-Truth won against John before the amazing pipebomb years ago, I loved it when Zack Ryder became the US Champ because I felt I saw him grow and take his chances. Where are they now?

Also, after what happened with JBL and The Ascension I BARELY went on with it but that ticked me off.

You have guys like Ziggler, who can sneeze in the middle of the ring and still we'll say it was a 5-star match. How long did it take him to reach the top? How long did it take D-Bry to get to the top? Fucking too long. Then once they're injured they take the championships away from them. But how long did it take Randy Orton? John Cena? Sheamus? Brock? (Why is Sheamus still even there?).

I've watched a bit of TNA up until 2008, ROH and a bit of NJPW (new fan after WK9) and the feeling I get/got from those companies is that everything is about the wrestlers, how they struggle through each rivalry, what they get from it and the way they move forward. With WWE it's all about... WWE. Why is John everywhere? Because WWE wants him there. Why is Brock champ? Because WWE decided to put him there. Why Undertaker lost to Lesnar? Because WWE needed to build a monster, even though Lesnar had already beaten CM Punk and Cena.

We could narrow it down and just blame Vince or HHH or Steph or whoever, but still, it's the main machine that's just not working anymore and needs to be put down as soon as possible.

As for myself, I discovered a whole new world on monday and I'm going to keep searching. Every monday I'll just wonder in what other way they're just promoting who and what they want to promote.

See you on New Year Dash!

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