People of Reddit, what was the dumbest thing you got punished for in school?

didn’t get punished but almost did. so, flashback to 7th grade civics. there this kid named lukas (not real name) he used to be a little bitch to teachers (not anymore) and would call out, and my civics teacher HATED him for it. so anyways, we were learning about the 1st amendment. if youre not from the u.s., one of the parts of the first amendment is the right to petition. so my teacher is like “you could petition to get lukas deported to north korea.” and before you ask, lukas took it as a joke and played along.

so we, dumbasses, make a and paper petition to deport him, getting random ass people to sign it. i had a friend named china, who made the paper petition or smth but she made something. and we had thie BITCH of a science teacher who i will called twatwaffle. ms twatwaffle hated china’s guts (deadass tried making her get a referral for jabbing a pen in a fruit).

we’re in her class, lukas is in the bathroom and someone mentions this petition, and twatwaffle was like “thats bad blah blwh ought to report you” wnd she throws it out and then they mention the online petition.

and she fuckin FREAKS IT, screams about cyberbullying. so she emails the office the list of names who signed, even if they didn’t know the kid. and he comes back and doesnt even mention it to him. and she emails it with the intention to get everyone a referral (and my middle school was strict on referrals, one 7th grade referral means no more field trips for the rest of the year and no chance to go to washington, dc).

so we had to go up to the office and explain that my teacher is a fucking nutjob. it was probably the worst day of my life.

and just for the record, it wasn’t even harassing him it just said we’d deport him, and im pretty sure he even signed it. nothing to warrant referrals, and she didn’t even let anyone explain. and she only reported it when it was online for some reason, and it’s probably because she had a thing against china

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