Pet owners of Reddit, what's the quickest you've gone from "My sweet furry angel" to "Why are you doing this, you goddamn goblin?"

this isn’t a story abt my dog, even though i have plenty, but it’s a story about my friends dog because this one is an absolute SHITSHOW. hehe see what i did there. anyways i’m maybe a sophomore in high school and my friend has a bulldog, the cutest bulldog you’ll ever see. and we were playing with him, very intensely. giving him fat shakes, callin him names, throwing his toys. and eventually the dog seems tired. now he’s a fatty so it’s expected, but he had a super high battery and it was super rare to see him tired this early in the day. seconds later he starts having explosive diahrrea. and i don’t just mean loud i mean PROJECTILE. imagine a hose spouting water at full power. now imagine the opening of the hose being the dogs asshole, and the water being shit. now we didn’t really get mad at the dog as we were in shock. we immediately ran out of the room crying laughing, and told my friends mom. still one of the funniest experiences we’ve had to this day

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