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This isn't meant to be good writing, just ideas for a backstory. But I may try to plot it out someday. (My character's name is silly; I need to come up with something better.)

Velouria is an elf, dark-skinned, with natural hair. Her parents were killed in a terrible anti-elf hate crime, so she mostly grew up on the streets, begging and pickpocketing. When she was a teenager, another elf, Anna, who was interested in her romantically, took her under her wing and taught her the basics of decking.

Velouria started out with gigs that suited her low skill level. Small-time crooks hired her to do things like alter their own rap sheets. She enjoyed the order and cleanliness of that virtual world, and she enjoyed the sense of purpose; it was very different from her real life, in which everything was chaotic, and her only goals were finding enough food to get through another day, and finding a safe place to sleep at night.

Decking gave her an ambition, too: after a few months, she was able to earn enough credits not only to rent a room, but also to set some money aside, and she spent every extra credit to train with the best deckers she could find. It wasn't long before she surpassed Anna's skills, and Velouria's jobs got far more lucrative, but also much more dangerous.

Velouria had her first sexual experience with Anna, and she enjoyed it. Unfortunately for Anna, though, Velouria didn't return Anna's feelings. Romance seemed like a lot of trouble with little reward, and for Anna, decking and crime were just means of survival, not passions. Anna dreamed of settling down somewhere, opening a legal shop of some kind. That life wasn't for Velouria; danger excited her. And could anyone really succeed these days without skirting the law in some way? They parted as friends, with no resentment between them.

Velouria still has no interest in romance, but she does place a great deal of value on friendship and loyalty. Sam's death affected her a lot more than she let on to anyone.

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