Pizza delivery drivers, what is the strangest thing you have seen in a customer's home?

NSFW TLDR; got laid by hot mom

So, this one time this really hot girl opened the door and shoutted "mom!"...i said to myself (i like where this is going).

The mom came to the door with a wine glass in hand and she was equally as beautiful and pretty drunk. She told me to wait while she got her purse. When she came back, she still had the wine in her hand while fumbling the purse. She dumped a half full wine glass all over (pretty sure on purpose) me and when she tried to save it, she obviously threw the contents of her purse out all over me as well.

She begged and begged me for forgiveness - i had none. Then she invited me in to help clean me off - were not supposed to go inside. We went to her kitchen and naturally around a hot cougar i just had to take my shirt off, it just seemed like the right thing to do. She responded very well to this. She asked me how old i was and how long id been a pizza guy and if i went to school and i answered politely.

I told her i should get going - and this is the part ill never forget - we had a 10 second staring contest where i just knew what was gonna happen next. I knew we were gonna have sex. We started making out and she just lead me back to her room. At this point, i had been there 10 minutes (a delivery from getting out of my car to getting back in takes 1 min). At this point, i didnt even care about my shitty pizza job anymore where 9/10 people dont even treat you like a human and your boss is a raging alcoholic with no goal in life except to make your life hell.

This cougar was obviously in to me and she had our clothes off and a rubber on my dick so fast. It wasnt the best sex ive ever had, but it was by far the most exciting. She was beautiful, maybe 40 years old and horny. Her hot daughter kept popping into my mind, but i said nothing.

We only did it for 10 mins, but i was sweating profusely and i could tell i was gonna be sore the next morning.

She didnt say a word after she came except by pointing to my clothes, thus signaling the gtfo sign, and to not tell her daughter (i dont know how she wouldnt know, she was eating pizza). I ended up seeing her daughter on the way out and it was awkward.

I got back to my car and thought to myself, what the FUCK just happened.

Im pretty sure that will forever be in the top 10 highlights of my life. Ill never experience something as incredible as that ever again.

I never heard from her again because i never got her number. Except, the next day an anonymous person called to commened me on my delivery skills - i was the laziest driver there - and a week later i got a $ .50 raise. I quit shortly after. THE END!

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