Plastic Surgery?

My brain is hypersensitive to pain - I can't stand a needle in my arm half the time, I can't even imagine spending months with pain in my face while drinking through a straw.
Even if you could find cheap surgery, would you? More than 90% of tattoos you see on people are horrendous because they went to a cheap place with someone incapable of drawing with an ink machine, and more than 90% of fake breasts look absolutely horrendous without clothes. Even VIPs and actors and porn actors that have tons of money and have their career standing on their beauty have absolutely horrifying results of facial surgery or breast enhancement etc. Ofc there's many that have minor reworks that you don't notice, but those wouldn't help in our case.
But even with that aside, I'm past 30 and not 13, so I'll never get to experience that phase pleasingly, and even if I became good looking in my face it wouldn't fix my hormones and wouldn't rework my bone structure. Even then, I'm at an age at which partners want someone with a decent job even just for a one night stand, unless you are so absolutely sexy that they can't resist you at all.
Even then, I would have solved only the problem of women blocking me online once they see my face. I would still have no friends and no job.
But even if I got """friends""" and a job, they would still absolutely despise what I am. So I would have to lie.
But even if I lied, that wouldn't be enough. I would have to act hypermasculine to keep up with the expectations of hyperfeminine behaving women in this shit country stuck in the 1400s. So I would have to travel abroad to more modern countries and learn their language and their culture and get friends and job there and after all this I would have completely deleted everything that was myself just for the chance of having a partner.
Sure, having a partner that appreciates you is awesome, but this scenario makes me wish I was in a country where I can purchase easily a large caliber shotgun to blow my brains off, which I already have no reason not to do other than being stuck with this stupid hyperactive selfpreservation instinct.

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