Playing Card Chakra Spread, second opinions? Drew two aces and both Jokers/Fools

Here are the details: 1)Root: 2 of Clubs, 2)Sacral: Ace of Spades, 3) solar plexus: Joker/fool, 4)Heart: 10 of hearts, 5)Throat: Joker/fool, 6)Third eye: 7 of Clubs, 7)Crown: Ace of Diamonds.

I've recently decided that I need to terminate an unhealthy codependent relationship. It's been a hard truth since we share a lease, but I'm trying my best to be honest, open, and split as tactfully as possible. We terminated a pregnancy three years ago together, and I realize I have had serious energy blockages (most notably in the sacral and heart centers) by staying in this relationship. My health has gotten worse, my art has suffered, and I know I need to cut ties. I'm waiting till the last of the waning moon to do a ritual. So I drew a chakra spread to help narrow down what energy I need to move/alleviate/ change in the meantime. All of these "fit" but any secondary insight on what I should do to recenter this energy of mine would be appreciated. Thanks :)

I've drawn the 10 of hearts in almost every reading this past week. It feels like the "crux" of my entire offset energies.

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