Pleas change it dev team it would lock just that cooler and more accurately than some weird Soviet light

Wargambling could have easily made bucks just putting these 3d camos in crates.

It won't make unicums cry or win more cuz there's a new borderline OP tank and it'll make thise 3d camos actually "rare" and sought after by many. Hence, make those who own them after spending a fuck ton of their money, it's their choice and their losses, they can then flaunt that 3d camo to feel good.

Unlike legendary camos where everyone can get it.

Although I noticed that wargambling are selling epic camos more and more in crates lately. To me, that's a huge step in a, respectively speaking, good direction.

I would rather see this game a clown fest rather than a napkin designs contest.

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