Pre-pandemic fun

These are the pics from the second encounter from the below success post before the pandemic happened.

A while back we posted looking for a guy to meet up and have some fun with. We are quite selective, and like to take our time during the selection process. We were also looking for a person we could get to know for a bit first by chatting with him for a month or so. After we posted our ad, a redditor messaged us and explained his qualifications. We chatted for the duration of the time until we would be in Vegas, getting to know each other, and exchanging pics/videos. In the meantime, the wife started to slowly prepare for the meeting; getting waxed and thinking about outfits.

We finally made it to Vegas and he was responsive with messages and respectful of when and how we wanted to meet. The evening of the encounter my wife showered, and ran a few outfits by me. She ended up wearing regular lighter colored jeans, a t-shirt, with a standard bra and a sexy black thong. She did have another item in store after meeting with him, but more about that later.

Being concerned about the first awkwardness of meeting in person the wife wanted me to go get him in the lobby instead of both of us going down. Eventually he came to our hotel at the agreed upon time and I (the husband) went and met him in the lobby bar were I introduced myself to him. He provided the last requirements of ours and I took him up to the room.

I opened the door and my wife was sitting on the couch. She had a bit of alcohol to loosen up and we both came in and sat down. He was given a drink as well and for a few minutes, probably 10 or 15, we chatted. The wife got up and went around the corner of the room where the bathroom and closet area is. I followed her. I told her she should change into her outfit and she said that she was liking Frozenfire9.

My wife then shed her clothes, except for her thong and put on a black lacy see-through nightie type piece of lingerie. I told my wife to have a seat on the bed in front of him. My wife had a seat on the bed, just waiting for him to come over. I could tell she was excited and was definitely pleased with his looks. He eventually came over and took his clothes off, besides his underwear. They started to make out and roll around on the bed in passion. Their hands explored each other and I could tell that my wife was eager for his big cock. I could tell that he was enjoying my wife due to his ever expanding bulge in his underwear.

My wife grinded up on his cock while making out with him. He eventually slipped my wife's thong off and fingered her. He then slipped her lingerie off. My wife eventually slipped his underwear off and sucked his cock. I could tell my wife was truly enjoy this new cock as she kept running her tongue up and down his shaft when using a free hand to massage his balls. He was rock hard and enjoying my wife's oral skills.

At a few points during their foreplay I felt my wife's pussy. It was absolutely soaked, silky smooth, and very warm... there was no denying that my wife wanted his cock bad.

He then returned the favor licking her pussy, causing her to shutter and moan. With my wife on her back, legs open, he eventually slipped on a condom and worked his way into her. When the completing thrust of his cock going into her for the first time, my wife let out a moan, followed by several "oh god!"'s. After a moment and a few pumps she said "oh that's nice!" This was my wife's biggest cock she has experienced. Her moaning, shuttering, and her hands grabbing his body to pull his cock deeper in was hot to see.

My wife and him fucked for the next while, rotation through various positions and enjoying each others bodies. My wife at one point orgasmed from just his cock alone. And again orgasmed from his cock. Needless to say she was having a good time. Eventually Frozenfire9 cummed. My wife and him laid there after experiencing her biggest cock and he experiencing my wife's silky smooth pussy. They drank some water and my wife wanted to go again. I figured he would want to recharge for a few minutes so I jumped in and fucked her for a bit.

So when he was ready again they fucked and she orgasmed again. I will say that my wife has never had an interest in a threesome. With her horniness, thanks to him, she let me jump in, with at one point me fucking her and his cock in her mouth and vis versa. Eventually they finished up and he left. My wife was, at that point, exhausted, and pretty much went right to bed.

The next morning, we woke up, and being curious I asked her about it. We had never discussed meeting more than once since we had other sights and activities planned for the day. To my surprise, my wife said she wanted to fuck him again and asked if it could happen if our schedules were right. I contacted him again and he was up for round two.

Later that day he came straight up to our room and my wife greeted her with a nightie and black see-through panties. They got to it pretty fast and it was apparent that both felt a lot more comfortable the second time around. They again started with foreplay, kissing, grinding, petting, oral, and finally fucking. After about 2 hours and fucking as much as they wanted he left.

My wife said that his cock was the best that she had felt and that she was glad he was able to come over for the second round. Needless to say he left my wife satisfied.

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