In pre-season so far Real Madrid have conceded 15 goals in 405 minutes, so a goal every 27 minutes. No es bueno.

I work with kids; about 3000 of them across my different schools and classes. Madrid isn't on the radar for the vast majority of them; we're talking a handful sayimg they like Madrid.

They like Messi's or Ronaldo's, Neymar's or Mbappe's - and they dropped all interest in Madrid when Ronaldo went to Juventus. The kids aren't following teams anymore, they're following players.

The kids aren't wearing Madrid tops; they're wearing PSG, Barcelona, Bayern, Juventus, Manchester City - for some reason they still love AC Milan.

When they write about their dreams, plenty want to play with Messi at Barca, ir Neymar at PSG - nobody wants to play with Bale at Madrid (not even the Madrid players).

You're biased, as you're a Madrid supporter; I'm just relaying what I've seen - and I have no bias, I'm a Celtic supporter, these kids have never heard of my team lol.

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