Printing Coarse Threads using Fusion 360 models (details in comments)

I recently discovered that I can print very usable coarse
threads for sheet metal (type AB) and wood screws as commonly sold in hardware
/ home improvement stores.  Fusion 360
only has standard machine threads (UN, DIN, ISO etc.), but the “coil” tool can
work well for other threads.
To do this make a pilot hole based on the diameter of the
screw without the threads, and then click a plane or face that is perpendicular
to the hole, and then the hole center. Once the tool pops up use the following
Options: Height and Pitch
Diameter: OD of screw threads x 1.15 (see table below)
Height: length of hole or threads that you want.
Pitch: distance between threads (see table below)
Angle: leave as 0 (tapers threads)
Section: Triangular (External)
Section Position: Inside
Section size: just over ½ the difference between thd diameter and pilot hole (see table)
Through some experimenting I got these numbers dialed in for
#6 and #8 screws and extrapolated to #10.

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