Prob not CFer but definitely have alpha 1 anti-trypsan deficiency... A few questions

Yes I know it’s a spectrum which is why I said in some cases. My point is, pretty much everyone here with cf has struggled a lot. You’ll be very lucky to find anyone here who will live past 50 I’d say. Most of us are no stranger to spending months in hospital at a time or having lung functions of below 50, and that’s not even considering the pancreatic issues or anything else.

I’m not gatekeeping, I’m just saying this is the cf community. We tend to have a very unique struggle and alpha 1 isn’t a condition that can particularly relate to that.

I’m not doubting what you’ve gone through or how much you’ve struggled, I’m just saying that cf probably isn’t the disease you can relate to. As someone else said you’d maybe have more luck over in a COPD group.

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