My Wife (25f) saw my (26m) Reddit saved items (Lots of NSFW stuff) and is furious

he can still look at porn but he keeps away from reddit style, personal posts from non-professionals.

So no 'personal posts' from 'non-professionals'. What about the in-between for this criteria then? Say, a porn star's twitter selfies. A 'personal post', but by a 'professional'. Or what about amateur porn? It's not a 'personal post', but it's by 'non-professionals'. Under scrutiny, this criteria seems to fall apart.

I don't care if my boyfriend watches porn but it would bother me if he was using gonewild because a) the girls aren't getting paid and b) it's not a job, so they they are posting their photos for their own titillation.

a.) Plenty of girls are getting paid. In fact, I'd say the majority of top GoneWild posters (those who consistently get 2k+ karma per submission) go on to start their own sites/subreddits/etc. Just check out /r/SexSells for evidence of that. GoneWild is basically free advertisement for their business. b.) And plenty of porn stars get into that line of work because they enjoy it. Does that mean porn in which a girl has an orgasm is a no-go by your criteria since she clearly enjoyed herself and wasn't just doing it strictly for a paycheck?

It has a much more "personal" element and it could be the girl working at Safeway or the chick next door or a girl at his workplace, etc.

And the girl at safeway could just as easily have made a one off porn video or made amateur porn with her ex-boyfriend that's now floating around online. How is it any different?

This whole argument is absurd. There's literally no difference between masturbating to something you found on a NSFW subreddit vs masturbating to something you found on PornHub. If you wanna draw lines in the sand about why one is okay and one isn't, the whole thing falls apart because it doesn't make any sense.

Like I said earlier though, you can argue back and forth about how logical the wife's feeling are or you can compromise on this issue (which frankly I can't imagine being a huge deal).

Personally, I'd consider it a pretty big deal. If you're going to have strong feelings or opinions on something, I'd at least like a rational explanation as to why. (Even if it's a rational explanation for irrational feelings.) But to just make up arbitrary bullshit with no rhyme or reason is unacceptable.

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