PSA: If you have yet to ship you package, send your giftee a messege letting them know you didn't forget them.

Agreed, communication is key!

I'm partaking in the Holiday Card & Secret Santa Exchanges. I had a blast giving my matches cards/gifts, and I made sure to communicate to them. However, I'm on the receiving end of disappointment and frustration.

Days ago, I received something in the mail (without a note) which could be from either Santas. I updated my profiles, asking who it was from so I would know whom to direct an upload to in the gallery. The next day, the Card Santa marks gift as shipped, and the Secret Santa pulled my info. Neither sent a message.

Yesterday, I updated my profiles, again. I asked my Card Santa (again) if the gift came from them. I asked my Secret Santa what the status was on their gift, as the shipping deadline had passed and they hadn't marked their gift as shipped. I asked both (again) to send me a message.

A few minutes after I updated my profiles, the Secret Santa marked their gift as shipped. But no message, nor tracking number. Now we're at today, and I yet have to receive a message from either of them.

The holidays are always a hard time of the year for me. Plus, this year has been beyond horrific. I put that in my profiles, to explain how I am in dire need of kindness/thoughtfullness. So, honestly, at this point, I could burst into tears. I'll wait, though. I hope to hear from my Santas soon, one way or another.

Messaging your giftee is simple, and it takes little effort to drop them a quick note. Your communication could make a world of difference for your giftee.

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