PUAs in the bowl

Idk, maybe we're not referring to the same redpill. I'm mostly meaning a realist understanding of gender relations, ie an understanding that women seek either attractiveness or support (and like to have their cake and eat it too) and men seek attractiveness.

You can have these beliefs in the back of your mind and not allow them to dominate your consciousness, same as how you usually block out world poverty and your own impending death and live in the moment to enjoy life. I'm not thinking about RP when I'm chilling with a girl, but I'd still say that I am slightly redpilled. It does perhaps limit the depth of my relationships, but it doesn't taint them to the extent that they're not mutually enjoyable for the type of girl I chose to chill with (they're live in the moment types themselves, not looking to marry me).

The gf is an exception. She's actually RPed herself. It's part of our mental connection. Idfk what's up with that long term.... I haven't led her on at all. Our agreed upon status is "going with the flow and enjoying our time together"

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