Question for pro-choice people

The point is, you are not the one here who needs to explain. You are the one that needs to listen

I have listened, and I have understood. The reality is that I understand both sides. Take the supposed pay gap for example. When women learn to play "the game" they earn more than their female counter parts. The reality is that playing the game often times means that you have to act more like the men do.

You've probably heard of some men referring to high powered women as being bitt##s. The reason is that they are acting like men, and not the stereotypical woman.

Dismissive, which is condescending. You say you struggle with online communication. The right response here is: "Yes, women were being treated as second-class citizens by the abortion bans, ban on tampons being sold, and the normalization of being fired from your job upon marriage. I am sorry that happened to women".

In real life that is what I do, because I can read the persons body language and facial expressions. Online I don't have those cues.

I don't think if I started my response with that online, and then said the rest of what I said that the response would be any different. You'd likeky still feel I was being condescending, but you'd also feel I was just placating you with my opening response

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