/r/Nursing What Did You Learn This Week? - October 15, 2016

In a true emergency, prepackaged NS flushes can be used to bolus a neonate (10 mL/kg). A D10 bolus can also be pushed from a syringe (2 mL/kg). I am used to running everything through a pump programmed to the tenth decimal place, so this blew my mind.

When something acute and unstable is coming.... Hook up the bag mask and suction first. Set out the airway equipment. Set up the cardiopulmonary monitoring. Set out the IV supplies. Have a glucometer on hand. Prime the fluids (preordered or known bolus fluids) and set them in the pumps. That's all done? Start labeling the lines. At some point the unnecessary furniture cluttering up the room needs to be removed and this should ideally be done before the patient circus arrives.

If the patient rolls into the room before half of this is done, the most important stuff is ready, and if it's all done before they arrive, things will go way more smoothly. Knowing all this in theory was one thing, but experience really is the best teacher.

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