Ranking a Page question

So, imagine I am a copywriter in tech, who I am :)

I have created the main page with th standard stuff on it. Then, I've created the following pages:

1) copywriter in technology

2) technically leaning copywriter

3) content writer about tech stuff for ya'll

4) tech is what I write about

5) you need tech writing? I can't hear you? tech copywriting is what I drink in, through my pores

So, basically, all of the 5 "synonyms" above describe me. Google knows that. It does. So, the only logical way for Google to "fight" the effort by SEO specialists to do the strategy "one synonym keyword - one URL" is to demotvate them. The only way for Google to demotivate them is to channel the traffic to the main page.

And the main page is what folks want to get exposed - "at the first date" with ya, right? When you go out with a person, you don't want to talk "mortgage options". For a person who is a fiteness geek to go into a weirdly synonymic-to-the-main page and start reading the stuff there would be similar to that.

Thus, what yo uneed to is the following:

1) understand what your USP is. There's always a USP, you know. The fact that you are here, asking these EXTREMELY DIFFICULT questions means that you've got brains. This means that you can actually train folks, or at least find a cool trainer - this kinda stuff. Folks these days want to be treated like a person, not like meat. So, the personal approach wins, always.

2) Start selling that USP, i.e. you don't have to rank for "crossfit something" on a particular URL. You need to start having fun. How do you determine whether you are having fun:

a. tell your close friend that you are on verge of losing your business and you might need to sell your house and sleep in the car + that you have a cool website

b. ask her to look at your site because maybe you can ask her to post it for sale for 10$

c. look at her reaction:

I. She's like - yeah, it's a site... - your site sucks

II. She's like - not a bad site, why aren't you getting traffic - your site is half way there

III. She's actually smiling and saying - hey, what's this video here about - your site is awesome.

Then, she'd aks you if you take investments.

Don't fixate on keywords. You are hoarding.

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