RANT: If there is no SLA, there’s no on call

people need to be honest about their motivations. "malicious compliance" can be seen through a mile away and while the company should lay out the rules in a very clear way most of the time that will actually not result in a set of rules that anyone is happy with. usually if you go looking for trouble you will find it, and if really the end goal is to not be on call at all otherwise you'll find something else to complain about you're better off just finding a new job on your own terms rather than being the annoying guy in the department making a stand and making his coworkers life harder as a result until finally you piss them off enough to get fired or you get annoyed enough to leave. if you work for a shitty company that won't meet your expectations just find a place that will make you happy, don't throw tantrums that your coworkers have to deal with instead.

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