Ratio between median housing price and median annual pre-tax salary

In some sense, we have the best of both worlds. Geographically, Canada is Isolated like the USA, we don't have many of the problems that Europe has because we don't share borders with Africa and Asia, we aren't a stone's throw from Russia and the like. We are neighbors with "the greatest country in the world", and we are on island on our own with them.

On the other end, Canada has some of the "socialist" politics that Europe has, we have safety nets, we don't live like Americans and we don't have many of the problems they have. We don't have a long history with wars and discrimination that is active to this day, we haven't made the enemies they have made. We have the safety nets that prevents us from having the poverty levels that you see in the US.

Then you have the fact that Canada is a new country, we don't have the old and densely populated cities like Europe has. Until recently, economic mobility was much greater for the average person. This changes as the world changes, it won't be shiny and new forever, but relatively speaking, we are still miles ahead of most places.

It's not for everyone, I get it, but if you are looking for safety, stability, and a higher standard of living, there aren't that many places that can offer what Canada can.

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