Upcoming Immigration Crisis

How is this racist?!? I am an immigrant and I can tell you how things have gone down hill since my family immigrated here in the mid 90s. My parents had to go through a million hoops to finally be eligible to move here. My folks rented for a few months, able to get blue collar jobs and then buy a detached house in a working class neighbourhood in one of the 905s. We went to decent schools, got our masters etc. There WAS upward mobility thanks to affordable housing at least somewhere in the greater Toronto area.

These opportunities don’t exist anymore. It is expensive AF. Immigrants all come from the same country now (same as where I am from) and it is destroying the social fabric of the city and country. Since it is very easy for them to stick to their own culture (a very natural and safe thing to do) but in huge numbers it creates resentment.

And a lot of them take to crime because they are not able to afford basics. just look at the news and see changing demographic of criminals. They are not set up for success and the government is not doing anything about affordable housing or actually settling immigrants in an area where there is an actual need.

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