You’re not a good human unless you give a random girl on the internet a $10,000 loan....

Ita actually worse than that. She isnt asking someone to give her $10,000, shes asking for help to get her a $10,000 loan

Sounds like a minor difference, but it's not.

If you personally loan her $10K, your only loss is the $10K if/when she doesn't pay it back.

Helping her get the loan, since she has bad credit, means that you'll probably be co-signing the loan with her. She will have a high interest rate since she has bad credit*. What this one means is that you're now on the hook as someone who agrees to pay the loan if she doesn't, you'll be stuck with the $10K and interest (quick google search says apr can commonly be up to 35.99%, ouch), and your personal credit is now on the line.

  • 35.99% on a 10K loan is $16,489; $18,997; or $21,680 for 3, 4, and 5 year terms respectively. There's one short term loaner that is even at 99%. Yikes.
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