I recently visited... Birds for scale.

So if you want to try and be condescending and correct me

This isn’t telephoto, that much I know.

^You in reply to me simply stating it was taken on a telephoto lens. You see the irony in you correcting (wrongly ) my original reply just trying to answer your question right?

We didn't know the camera until 18 minutes ago:

We don't need to know the camera to be able to tell that this was taken with a telephoto lens.

you keep insisting it's a APS-C camera before knowing the model and proudly declaring that it must be telephoto if it's 50MM.

It doesn't matter the format. It's obviously a telephoto lens being used. It could be taken on a micro 4/3 camera or a medium format camera.

A 50MM lens on a full frame is not a wide angle lens

Nowhere did I say it was. I was pointing out that a normal lens (50mm) placed on a smaller sensor makes it a telephoto in on that sensor.

Again I ask , what do you think a telephoto lens is that you so confidently replied to me originally stating: "This isn’t telephoto, that much I know. "

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