Reddit, what is your worst moment of "I probably shouldn't hang out with these people"?

I had been recently dumped and just needed a night out on the town to get out of the house. I offered to DD a new group of friends downtown for a night of dancing. As we are walking back to the car to head home, one of the girls in our group (we'll call her Jessica) started running her mouth about two girls we just walked passed. One of those girls turned around and confronted us. Jessica's boyfriend suddenly puffed up and tried to get in between the girls. Before I know it, the two offended girls are pushing Jessica and her boyfriend while the rest of our group started yelling and trying to intervene. Considering all of these people are drunk and I'm sober, I was like "fuck this" and kept walking to my car to remove myself from the situation. Suddenly, I was tackled from behind. One of the girls my group offended was on top of me trying to beat me up when I had absolutely nothing to do with the scuffle! At this point, I'm baffled, adrenaline kicked in and I was able to flip over to my back. I wriggled out from under the girl and started kicking to try and get her away from me. She fell back down on top of me and I landed an elbow on her face. By now, the rest of my group has totally vanished except for Jessica. Finally, the cops pull up and the two girls who jumped us ran off. I could believe what just happened. The cops questioned me as if I was drunk, underage, and in the wrong. After speaking with me, realizing I was sober, and checking my ID, they let Jessica and me go. We get to my car and the rest of our group is nowhere to be found. As I started driving, Jessica's boyfriend called wanting us to pick the rest of them up (they had hidden inside a hotel lobby). I said fuck that, dropped Jessica off there and drive home. The next morning I woke up in excruciating paid and headed to urgent care. Because I was wearing heels when I was tackled, my right foot contorted and resulted in some soft tissue/ligament damage. I had some scrapes from my skin sliding across the pavement. My elbow was black and split open. I was on crutches for two weeks and never spoke to that group of people ever again.

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