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People joke about Reddit gold being useless, but recently I've been trying to find a way to sort my 'Saved' section by subreddit, and let me tell you that while the feature is offered by gold, the alternatives are dogshit. If nothing else, I wish someone would give us this feature.

There were two viable alternatives I could find:

  • A website called Reddit Manager, which you must give temporary access to all of your account information (including posts, history of upvotes/downvotes given, messages, etc,), and it's not a permanent solution for sorting your links. I don't know who makes it, and although I found several posts recommending it, it seemed people were wary about giving that info to a small third party website.

  • An app for a service called IFTTT (if this, then that), which you can use to push reddit saved links to your Pocket account (pocket is a service provided by Mozilla that I'd basically call the dropbox of internet links. It used to be called Save it for Later). With this option you also have to give the app full account permissions as well, but depending on who you are, you might trust a big company like Mozilla over a little guy you know nothing about. The devil you know, and all that. Plus you're able to save your links permanently, which, after I also learned that your Reddit Saved tab only holds up to 1000 posts before it starts deleting the old ones, I thought was a great feature. But how pocket saves the links is dogshit (it sorts them as articles, so if you want the pictures to display, you have to save them separately), and you can't sort your pocket all that well either. It's about as bad as your Reddit Saved folder itself when it comes to organisation, except that you can add tags to each post. (Head over to /r/ifttt if you'd like to learn more).

The whole thing would be a lot easier if we just had the functionality to browse our Saved section by sorted categories without paying for gold, but then again that's obviously the incentive of including it with gold. Funnily enough I was gilded a few months back and noticed the feature but didn't make much use of it, but now that I'm planning a trip and would like to sort through some of the links in my saved tab, I'm in sore need of it.

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