PSA: Jetstar are checking weights and sizes of carry on baggage in Auckland

Of course you hate capitalism, you're clearly crap at it.

I'm not that bad at it. I just have a disability that makes it incredibly difficult to find work. So i'm basically stuck with what WINZ gives me, until they cut it off without warning asking me to prove i have a genetic condition.

Next time you're flying and want the cheapest possible ticket learn to make do with only 7 kg of baggage.

My luggage is always under 7kgs it's the fact i have to take medicine in boxes with me that makes it unfeasible to fit it into the rack they check it with.

when your massive carry on means other people who are following the rules have no where to put their bag.

That's why I waited until everyone has put their bags up and ask if someone with a smaller bag can move theirs under their seat? Which they the person next to me kindly did with no complaints.

No one is going to care about your personal emergency or your lack of $29

Actually the person next to me was really nice about it and after i'd put my bag away i explain that i had to carry boxes of medicine with me.

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