Refills for face cream, deodorants roll out as big manufacturers aim to cut waste | CBC News

Well... Your hope certainly came true, because here I am on the scene, as you wished!

But... only... that... it's been... alas... 3 months later!?

Honestly I can't remember what this was all about? And I can't explain why Reddit only allowed me to notice this message 3 months late!? (WTF?)

But ya, whatever it was about must have been related to you thinking I'm younger than I am? Because in truth, I can still vaguely remember days in which Jimmy Carter was President, and Blondie was singing on the radio!

Joking aside, it looks like I was commenting on something related to perspiration?

If so, that kinda makes sense, because interestingly I've never ever used a perspiration product, not once, and no one has ever said I smelled bad.

I've asked MULTIPLE girlfriends over the decades... and I've seen them use perspiration products (not that I even cared if they smelled bad or not!)...

And all of them said I don't smell.

And I actually asked my GF now as I just saw your comment, and she laughed and said "No! That's kinda weird!"

So maybe I'm a vampire!?

Actually: I have a HUGE range of faults, but I guess one of my few and only minor insignificant strengths in life is that I don't smell bad no matter how hard I try!?

So... hooray... I guess... for never having once used a deodorant product in my entire life.

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