Reinaldo Rueda (Chile NT manager) on Alexis Sánchez

Just look at the fan voted player ratings.

That's what I mean. I know most supporters think like you and that I'm in the minority. The fact that I'm Chilean it's even 'worse' in that sense, because my opinion is obviously worth a little less because of my possible bias.

But instead of looking at fan ratings, look at his stats and, going even further, compare those stats to Rashford's or Martial's. Compare their experiences too. Compare the fact that a manager like Pep wanted him at Barcelona, arguably the best team in club football history; and before you say "that was like 10 years ago", consider the fact that Pep wanted him now too, as an addition to a fantastic team. Consider the fact that Mourinho wants to win. If Alexis didn't get United closer to winning, Mourinho wouldn't keep him in the first team at all.

He hasn't performed as most supporters had hoped, but he's performed really, really well. And in that sense, we're just going to disagree.

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