Reminder that next week's Paintball trip coincides with the anniversary of the last episode of an era

No idea why I made this comment so long!

Woody, I know you may think you weren't being mean to him on the closing episodes but I really think the crew were. I know the jokes were only meant to be taken as well jokes, but I feel as a viewer that they sometimes they went too far, and Jordie's responses to them were of someone who was a little struck by them.

Then again, I really don't want to remind you but on PKA 175, Wings did say the word "retard" in front of Jackie (on about another topic), and yes kept calling out Lefty for being a pussy. So it's not like it was saint Wings and devil everyone else.

Also, I'll say that looking back over comments made a year ago, some agreed you'd all went too far and some did not. The latter part of the crowd were also vocal in their opinions.

But here's just a couple of examples I quickly found:

  • PKA 173 25:00 (Woody) “You are in a special situation. How do I say this nicely? You carry a spare tire”

  • PKA 173 25:34 (Joe Lauzon) Joe jokes about being OK to Wings carrying extra weight, and everyone laughs, except Wings. The insinuation is that while the topic was on the weight of the pan for the trip, the weight of Jordie himself was slain as a issue.

  • I know you dismissed PKA 175 11:45 (Lefty) from the other user, but I feel like Lefty felt like he'd went too far and tried to backtrack by saying he was just playing with him here.

The feeling was there with some of the viewers at the time, I promise you. Look at these threads I found and some of the comments to show that here, here , here and here (I'd like to find that timestamp of the last one to proof what Lefty said.)

Some agree with my thoughts, some do not. And if indeed the jokes were being mean towards him, I doubt there was any actual malicious or intentional thought into the comments everyone made.

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