Rift 3.1 Patch Notes


NECROMANCER UPDATE * Bone Armor: The damage bonus now affects the caster's pets as well. * Bone Frenzy: The cooldown has been reduced to 15 seconds. * Corpse Explosion: Corpse Explosion has been reworked. - Casting Plague Bolt on a target affected by your Corpse Explosion now causes a pulse of damage to up to 5 targets within 7 yards. - Enemies who are affected by your Corpse Explosion debuff will trigger the debuff's explosion if they take damage from another Corpse Explosion. This effect can only occur once per application of Corpse Explosion. - The Duration on Corpse Explosion has been reduced to 15 seconds, down from 20. - The Cooldown on Corpse Explosion has been removed, down from 10 seconds. - Corpse Explosion is now restricted to one stack per target for any given Mage. - Corpse Pile now gives Corpse Explosion a 50%/100% chance to spread to up to 5 enemies if hit by Grave Rot, in addition to its previous effects. * Deadly Plague: Now also applies to Corpse Talon. * Empty the Crypts: The Cooldown has been reduced to 1 minute, and the charge cost has been reduced to 50. * Essence Link: The spellpower scaling component has been increased by 36%. The internal cooldown on the heal proc has been increased from .5 seconds up to 1 second. The tooltip has been clarified to explicitly state this internal cooldown. * Improved Soul Purge: Has been reduced to heal 10/20/30% of damage done. * Last Gasp: No longer re-applies itself to a healed target if that target already has 5 stacks of Last Gasp. - Now deals Death damage each time a target receives a heal if that target has 5 stacks of Last Gasp. * Loyal Minion: Now sacrifices 25% of your pet's health and gives the Mage a shield equal to 15% of the Mage's Max health. The duration of the control immunity effect granted by Loyal Minion has been reduced to 5s. * Mass Grave: The cooldown has been reduced to 1 minute, and the duration has been reduced to 15 seconds. * Plague Bolt: Can now trigger the Velocity buff from Elementalist. The spellpower coefficient has been increased by 25%. * Soul Purge: Now requires only 4 seconds to channel its full effect, and its spellpower scaling coefficient has been increased by 51%. * Symbiote: Now increases healing from Essence Link by 25% per point.

MARKSMAN UPDATE * Barbed Shot: - Has changed places in the talent tree with Ranged Combat Mastery. - Now deals minimal instant damage and applies a 15s bleed afterwards, with no movement required. - While bleeding, it increases the chances of the target being critically hit by Marksman channeled abilities by 10%. * Free Recoil: No longer a short term combat buff. Now a 1h self buff that persists through death. New description is: Rapid Fire Shot consumes a max of 2 Combo Points. Cast time of Deadeye Shot is reduced by 0.5s. * Decoy: Has been removed. * New Ability: Calculated Shot: Replaces Decoy. Instant cast, 12s cooldown ranged physical damage. Removes movement buffs provided by Swift Shot and Hasted Shot. If a movement buff is removed, cooldown is set to 0. Awards 1 Combo Point. * Lightning Fury: Now has a 12s cooldown, with the armor debuff lasting for 30s. * Ranged Combat Mastery: - Has changed places in the talent tree with Barbed Shot. - Now a 1hr self buff with a 10s cooldown and 10 energy cost. - Increases ranged and channeled damage by 5%. * Quick Reload: Now a passive that awards a Combo Point every 3s while the Rogue is out of combat. * Rapid Extrication has been removed. With its removal, all Marksman abilities with cooldowns have had their cooldown timers reduced. * New Talent: Flawless Precision: Has been added in place of Rapid Extrication. Now increases the damage of Swift Shot, Empowered Shot, Lightning Fury, Sentry Battery and Rapid Fire Shot by 10/20%. * Sentry Battery: Increased damage done, and lowered the channel time from 4s to 3s. * Shoot to Kill: Fixed an issue where this ability was not affecting Sentry Battery.

REAVER UPDATE * The default range of all Reaver abilities is now 30m. * Deadly Reach: Now increases the max enemies hit by your Desecrating Blow, Rancid Cleave, and Explosive Infestation by 1/2/3. * Plague Bringer: Now affects up to 7 additional targets instead of 4. * New Ability: Desecrating Blow: Acquired at 20 points in the root. 30m ranged AoE finisher. * Dire Blow: Now a ranged attack with 30m base range. * Fester: Now increases all damage types. * Flesh Rot: Now has a 10s cooldown. Damage has been increased to compensate. * From the Shadows: Now reduces damage taken by the Reaver by 2/4/6/8/10%. * Intense Training: Now increases all damage types. * Necrotic Wounds: Increased damage. * Pestilence: Changed from a passive talent to an activated self buff. * Planar Attunement: Now also increases range of ranged attacks by 1/2/3/4/5. Range increase does not stack with Long Range Training. * Rancid Cleave: - Now a ranged attack with 30m base range. - Removed the default damage bonus for Reaver DoTs on Rancid Cleave. - Now affected by Shadow Strike. * Ravaging Strike: Now a ranged attack with 30m base range. * Reaping Touch: Now affects Desecrating Blow. * Shadow Strike: - Lowered bonus damage added by Shadow Strike from 33% to 25%. - Capped out the max contributing Reaver DoTs to 3. - Now affects Desecrating Blow and Rancid Cleave. * Shadow Warp: - No longer a targeted teleport, but a 15m blink in front of the Reaver. - Now removes all crowd control effects when used. Cooldown reduced to 20s. * Soul Sickness: No longer has a cooldown. * Walks with Death: Now increases damage over time effects by 2/4/6%. * Viral Stream: Corrected the description to be more accurate of the damage done. * Shadow of Dread: Cooldown lowered to 15s.

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