Right to Repair Bill Killed After Big Tech Lobbying In Ontario

It's basically the 3rd party repair industry (iFixit, Rossman, etc) fighting against manufacturers to keep their business alive. They want devices to be less sealed and less integrated so they can continue charging people to get them fixed with non-OEM parts at shady unauthorized mall kiosks.

The internet has a boner for it because it ties into the trendy "Apple sucks because thinness over functionality haha anti-consumer" mentality perfectly and the extremely clever "Right to" slogan makes it sound like it's some kind of social justice movement you can get behind to feel better about yourself, so all the journalists are behind it for the woke-points.

Reddit nerds love it because they've been watching in agony as computers turn into appliances and this is basically their last stand to "make it great again" like it's the 80's and you're tinkering wiring and solder all day instead of getting work done on it

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