Rosalina/Sheik give away.

I arrived late to the amiibo scene, and I've been attempting to collect the amiibo ever since, I don't really know if my story will hold water compaired to the others, but I'll still tell my story.

me and my girlfriend live in a long distance relationship between a city called Chatham in Ontario, and she is from Toronto. I've gotten heavy into the amiibo collecting, and I've been doing my best to find them, and she has as well. we've been attempting for about two months now, she going to the Eden center, and any eb games store she can go too, and me searching around the smaller cities in my community. Rosalina is one of the ones we've been hunting high and low for, because Target closed in Canada, and as such, she's been few and far between. I see the Ebay posts, and worry that I'm going to have to shell out 50-100 bucks for her, and I don't really want to have to pay a scalper for it. if I were to win this, our next date would be at Anime North 2015 in Toronto, very close to the day we met almost a year ago, and I think she'd really be thrilled if I gave her that Rosalina to hold onto as something to remind her of me, and use with her brothers and her family. she has two brothers, and they are a house full of gamers. she likes to collect too, we worked together to get all the vivillion patterns in XY, and she collects assassin's creed figures.

but in any case, what I want to do, is show her that even the hardest things you can search for, can in fact be found when you try. miracles do happen, and all difficulties can be overcome for something you want, like our future. whether this wins or not, isn't really important, and our hunt will go on, but it would make an amazing anniversary gift to a girl that means a lot to me, and is forced to live far apart from me due to school. she can see Rosalina on her shelf, and know that our collection is growing, and that despite all odds and no matter how unlikely things are, gems and amazing events happen all the time, and that amiibo would serve as a reminder of that. fighting her, and levelling her up.

that's my story, and I'm certain you will pick a very well deserving one! thank you for reading my post. good luck to everyone and happy hunting!!

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