Served a customer on the weekend. When he stood up I made a comment on his height. He handed me this card and walked away.

As a 7 footer I have to say that's some bullshit statistics right there. I was recruited in high school but no place I actually wanted to go. You have less than a 1% chance of playing D1A ball as a high school player. You have around a 1.4% chance of making it to the NBA from college.

You'll have to excuse me if I've been hearing this tired "show up, make millions" nonsense my whole life. When you're this tall you are extremely uncoordinated because your body is changing so quickly. I once grew a full shoe size in two months, try not tripping over your feet in that situation.

You sir, are the exact reason OP made those cards. This country is full of armchair athletes. I love when some fat ass land whale tells me I should play basketball.

Tell you what, I have a computer science degree. Give me a call the next time you need open heart surgery.

The utter hubris of saying someone MUST do a certain thing because they are a certain way is absurd. Substitute height for gender or better yet race. Next time you see a black guy, walk up to him and say, "Damn! You're dark! You should be in the NBA!"

And now you know what an asshole you sound like to us. Stop parroting on about wasted opportunities. What gives you the right to dictate what someone else does with their life? Especially if it makes them miserable and they don't want to do it? You all pretend I was handed a lottery ticket. One day in my shoes and the dozens upon dozens of idiotic comments like this I get, you'd blow your brains out or have a mental break down.

Do you go up to fat people and tell them they should be in professional eating competitions? Height prejudice is totally acceptable in society but no one ever stops to think of the downsides. Doorways for one. 6'9" I have to duck under every single door. Do you have any idea what a pain in the ass that is?

Go lock yourself in the McDonald's playground. Now imagine that's reality and you can never leave.

You're welcome to list out your championships, awards and accolades that make you SUCH AN ACCOMPLISHED BASKETBALL EXPERT!

I have two state championships, shut your mouth. I made a ton of money with my brain. I own a $400,000 rental property that's almost paid off. Aaaand you're sitting on reddit judging tall people for not playing basketball.

A hearty go fuck yourself from the tall community. I encourage you to visit /r/tall or /r/short if you cannot comprehend what a negative psychological impact shit like this has on people. You are literally saying fuck you to people under your breath every time you spout this off.

Someone have unrealized basketball dreams? Meet every single one of my coaches. Too short to play in college, attempt to live out dreams through others.

Don't even get me started on the fact the professional athletic careers are tenuous at best. 3-5 years usually. So I'm supposed to bank my entire future on being able to throw a silly ball into a silly net? And NOT count on my brain? Riiiiight. Let me know how that logic is working out in your barista job.

Just checked the comments, you're an economist! No wonder you're such a dumbass. Probably traditional economics too. People always do what's in their best interest. snicker OK, you have fun with that. 2008 called and said you're all wrong.

Here ya go

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