FE Chrom Available for Pre-Order at Best Buy. Releases Sun Dec 31, 2017

Thanks the tip. Very useful information. Dude went and others followed with the hate not because it was a useless spam but because he wanted to order it, saw the post and jumped at the chance to get it only to find that he clicked a yellow preorder tab (just as I did before posting and the see what was going on after he got denied) and they no longer allowed the order. Red message came up saying transaction could not go through then a few minutes later the yellow preorder tab turned to the grey "coming soon". I think I get your point but what I dont get is the pack mentality where he actually benefited from my post and used it to obtain an item he odviously wanted but then when Best Buy denied him despite their system displaying an active preorder option, he turns around and pours the hate on me and others jump in not even understanding the situation. Wild West out here. But then, if I posted something thats not looked at favorably in a self organizing, voluntary participation community then yeah, I gotta look at my part. How's the old saying go?

"Ignorance of the law is no defense for breaking it"...

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