Russia said it’s working with China to counter U.S. plans to expand its missile-defense network

My argument is pretty clear and simple, your inability to understand it is your own problem. Maybe you just aren't familiar with exponents.

Japan's high savings rate certainly didn't prevent the "lost decade"

Again you are still not able to explain why Korea and Taiwn did not have lost decades.

Despite that your own graph and a quick goodle search shows clearly that Korea had an higher debt load than Japan and still the case today.

Furthermore IMF studies have already show that Japan stagnation cannot be explain by debt but more likely their demographic problems and an agressive liberalization policy in the 80s.

Here the link of the IMF

and China's high savings rate is actually due to its abnormally low domestic consumption.

Lol there saving rate is lower than countries like Taiwan , Singapore and nearly on par with Korea.

Furthermore consumption had been growing in China

From Mc Kinsey

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