It’s entirely possible that if joe was taller you would be able to see him in this

If Joe was taller he wouldn't have been stuffed into his school locker by the bigger kids, and this would not have taken TKD lessons as a kid. Having not fetishised big, strong men he would not have hung around them all the time and not come across the UFC. Also, not needing to make everyone laugh in order to distract from his height would have prevented Rogan from being the class clown, and he would have paid attention in class and graduated with a career in some field outside of entertainment.

Meanwhile, the UFC would have started up but never gotten a commentator with an existing audience to help popularise them. Without Rogan encouraging Dana to keep at it the organisation would not have reached the tipping point of making it a viable business, and been relegated to having VHS tapes sold in porn shops.

If Rogan was taller you would not be at that event, at most you would have paid for a stream on some dodgy, virus riddled porn site that had this event as an extra. Even if you had, you would not post it here because this place wouldn't exist. So no, if Rogan was a little taller you would not have seen him there, he would have been a middle manager at some company somewhere.

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