It’s nearly impossible to find an entry level job in 2022 and I’m tired of people saying otherwise

I have 5 years of experience and no one is hiring me after 300+ applications between July 1 and now. 95% of the companies with positions I am qualified for (or are even the same job) send me responses saying “unfortunately, we will not be moving forward with you as a candidate.”

And the ones that I have had phone interviews with have said I’m either “too qualified” or I only check off 8/10 or 9/10 of the boxes for a more senior role.

Point being, it’s not just entry-level jobs - especially if you’ve been laid off (like me and a large number of people at my former company).

And the two interviews I actually ended up landing… have more-or-less ghosted me. I’m not crazy confident, but I know 100% I nailed the interviews and answered everything in all the ways you’re coached to do so / in ways the helped me land previous jobs.

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