The same people who said, go to college, take on $60k in loans, get a degree, so you don't have to flip burgers. Are the same people who are getting upset that people who went to college, took on $60k in loans and got a degree, don't want to take a job flipping burgers.

I hate saying this because I am on the side that benefited from this, I really wish I could get my parents or my uncle to say it in my place.

I went to a fairly cheap college, it was in state..a good one but with reasonable in-state tuition.

I worked in college and actually made good money doing it but my parents paid as long as i kept my grades up. I paid for all of my own personal stuff and they paid for classes.

My dad went to college but only when i was around 10 years old, he got it while he was working and worked another job to pay for that. They were not rich, but not poor. They were hard working and at times i did not see them in the same room at the same time for long periods at a time. They passed us off to each other on their ways to class or work.

At that time i'd they were say lower middle class for the area and didn't get higher until I was already out.

They took the hit, but i also did not need 200k..i went somewhere that maybe wasn't the greatest name outside of the area (it is really good just not everyone knows that it is).

And as for my fiancee, her family was educated but they were not able to pay. She was able to get a 2/3rds scholarship.

So we are going to pay, and then our kids will pay for their kids and so on.

So, yes..someone has to take the hit. in my family it was our parent's generation that decided to take it, they are not the typical baby boomers you hear about on this site.

They seem very happy to have taken the hit, it makes them happy to know that we will do the same but in an easier way.

I'm very thankful for them being the generation to do it otherwise we would have to.

If i had gone to a school that was too expensive then i'd just ruin what they tried to do.

I see too many taking on massive debt for degrees that don't pay well..or pay slowly. Even my CS degree did not pay off for like 8 years out of college.

I had to make moves and gain experience in order to raise my salary past what people with no degrees were making..but the ceiling is much higher now.

That's why i always suggest people go, i know it's tempting when i knew people making 60k with no degree and i was making 43k for 3 years outside of college.

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