Saw this discussion on an NFL video and thought it would be interesting to pose here: What NHL team has the shortest Stanley Cup window?

It can be six years (including this one) if they're smart.

  • Zaitsev has to be traded by this year. There's no if, ands or maybes about it, he needs to be gone. If they don't get rid of him before his NTC kicks in, you're right, the window is probably 4 years max. I'd actually say it's 3 years.
  • They need to have someone in the pipeline that can replace Andersen should they move on from him - his contract is up in two years and he'll be 31/32. Kinda like what Washington had to do with Varlamov and what Tampa did with Bishop
  • They have to be smart about which depth players are replaceable parts and which are hard to find gems that you can't find in the 4th round to replace.
  • They cannot make any more stupid UFA signings - even cheap ones: Hainsey, Marleau, Polak, Martin are examples of signings that really caused a butterfly effect that ended up hurting the team way more down the road than it helped.
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