Saw this Mitsubishi leaving didnt have enough Time to take a good angle but i hope you guys will help

That honestly shocks me. I've been driving Subarus, exclusively, since October of 2000 when I bought my first, a 2000 2.5 RS. After that was my 2003 WRX, that I spent nearly $10k modding and driving like I stole it. I couldn't afford to keep gas in the WRX and had to part with it but kept the RS until 4 years ago when I sold it in perfect mechanical condition. I've had various Imprezas, Outbacks, a Baja Turbo, and even a Brat briefly since the WRX. I've never had a single one break down or leave me stranded. Regular maintenance, a few replaced wheel bearings, and one seized brake caliper were the only problems I've ever had. Best vehicles for snowy roads I've ever driven. Maybe give them a second chance?

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