[Sawhook] (on Texans trading 2) Sounds like they really could be waiting for Caleb Williams This move could allow them to gather assets to either 1: Have tons of assets to move up to number 1 next year 2: Be lucky enough to get number 1 next year, and get additional assets to build for the future

I know a lot even though he missed those years they still didn’t have to put absolute trash on the floor. Also the GM was a fucking idiot, drafted a 7ft center oh let me immediately draft another one. What exactly did those years get you absolute shit, Jahlil Okafor and Fultz really made a difference for this 76ers team didn’t they. Man imagine being shit for half a decade and only getting one good player out of it after having like 4 top 5 picks. Man imagine if you had a GM who was smart and didn’t draft a 7ft center like Jahlil Okafor who couldn’t do anything besides a hook shot. I can’t believe Philly fans really think that shit was worth it when you guys flopped on 90% of your picks. Outside of Embiid the best players the 76ers drafted their dumb asses traded away so they could continue to tank. Imagine being proud of a team intentionally losing year after year and literally getting jack shit from it after you drafted Embiid because the guy with the philosophy couldn’t draft for shit. Watching your team win 20 games only to see their stupid asses draft another 7 ft center with the 3rd pick who can’t play next to embiid only to then trade him for peanuts because they’re dumb as fuck.

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