[Schefter] Cardinals are finalizing a deal with former Eagles’ defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon to become their new head coach, sources tell ESPN. The last HC opening of this hiring cycle is being filled.

I see a lot of people on the Eagles subreddit say “And a lot of Eagles fan want this guy gone. It’s ridiculous”

I personally haven’t bought in to Gannon, I think he’s good in some aspects but his scheming against good QBs is just trash. But because people were so adamant that you were dumb if you didn’t trust him (which I get on the surface as it was a top defense, but context is important). So for me, I just didn’t bother on here with it because it was sure to be buried.

Now that Gannon shit himself in front of the whole league, it’s been free rein on Gannon. Not sure if other fans were like this but in general with Reddit I generally don’t post my unpopular opinions because it just gets hidden and people get real mad about it lol

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