[Chris Mortensen] A few teams (owners included) have discussed Jackson's case. One team was hesitant re: number of games/snaps & practices missed last 2 to 3 years vs $$$ invested. Also wonder whether his sleep habits and nutrition contribute to his absences. Nobody speaks ill of his character.

Yeah I think Occam’s Capitalism applies here … I’m just not buying that the massive sports related advertising industry has given up on landing someone as high profile as Lamar. How many up and coming account managers would love to be the guy that brings Lamar to, say, Nike? Those guys aren’t willing to deal with some atypical methods of getting a hold of him without an agent?I don’t see that being the case.

Makes more sense to me that he is choosing to reject these offers. Merits of that are going to be subjective, but it would be apparent that for whatever reason he is choosing to do this is good enough for him to continue.

But no one is able to put an offer in front of him? Dudes are probably breaking their backs to land that whale.

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