Scientists have discovered a simple way to cook rice that dramatically cuts the calories

Those are the self destructive ones that just want to die already. It's not even sad that a good portion of people just want to die, what's sad is the long and painful ways they do it. Some don't have a choice or the strength enough to do it the faster ways.

Those I would call the extremists, the ones that aren't part of the normal equation, that don't make up the statistics thst prove the effectiveness of certain things, like gettinf into car accidents, getting sent to the ER, getting fined upwards of 10k dollars. Normal, sane people that want to love long and mostly pain free prove the effectiveness of those events. The ones that want to die, that want to ostracize themselves, push others out, hit rock bottom, punish themselves, of course it wouldn't work on them, because they already know and experienced and don't care about the consequences, especially the ones that specifically want those things to happen.

My family and I have experience with that, and I'm glad I changed my mind early on... my reason was to get attention from God. Surely he'd finally let me hear his voice, and comfort me and make things better after what I lived through, and what I witnessed others go through in my young age, the mental and physical pain I went through all throughout my life up to now. I stopped doing it on purpose halfway through my life when I realized he doesn't exist. Not the biblical one anyway, not one that pays attention to anything going on in this world, if there is one at all. I then realized that if I wanted everything to be better, I'd have to do it myself. Now, that realization helped me change my ways... but it sure didn't give me confidence that I could make a difference, that my brain would learn faster and better if I wanted it to.

Some people give up at that point and give in for good, as I do off and on, but at least I can say that overall I've made progress climbing back up. Others, they just say fuck it and give up altogether, even when they get sent to the ER, maybe because they keep thinking their next trip will finally be their last, and they can finally die, and end their miserable lives that they stopped believing would ever be happy and fulfilling years ago. Maybe if more of them cared about at least making others' lives better if not their own, they'd try more.

Like parents that work for about 20 years straight trying to make sure at least their kids have it better than they did and enjoy a lofe they never had. You can imagine why some would get upset if they were also betting all their eggs in that one basket, that 20 years later their kids would make them millionaires and be able to retire for the rest of their lives.

Yup it's a sad world. We got a large enough population to have a significant amount of people filling up all the extremes nowadays. The human population is just plain fucked up, and not enough caring proactive people are out there trying to help the ones that at least want to be helped and want to give an effort to change when given the opportunities.

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