Sequence of Events- That Night

You know how they always say Ali can make anyone do anything for her? I think she may have got drugged Em to kill someone for her from the extreme infatuation she had for her. We know either Em and/or Hanna also left the barn that night, since the blanket over them in the two different flashbacks is not there anymore (unless a mistake by the show runners). What I don't understand is, why aren't they dead already if A really wanted these people dead, after all these years and all these games, I'm sure A can kill anyone they want and has had plenty of the time. I'm lost as to what the game really is.. As Spencer said is it b/c the cat wants to play with the mouse before eating it? Sooo confusing..

According to Jenna, A or Black Hoodie or Red Coat wanted everyone that "saw Ali that night" dead, right? NAT's original/main trio all got murdered (except the founder:Jason!), Wilden got murdered (jenn told Em Ali saw him that night. I find it SUPER strange that we've NEVER seen this meet up in any versions of the flashbacks that night), Ezra and Toby are still alive but both had near miss supposed A accidents (Ezra got shot and Toby fell off the scaffolding), but again we've never seen the flashback from that night between Toby and Ali and how she got the jacket, Melissa and Cece are not seen in thre flashbacks actually having any encounters with Ali and never had any accidents or near misses with A (apart from a "black hoodie" telling the cops where Cece was but we don't know if that was A), Jenna couldn't really "see" so she may have not been the target as a result originally but has had Near miss accidents supposedly from A (almost died in a fire at Ali's house supposedly when she went to see Jason, someone did let her in), Mrs. D ended up dead too. Byron is still alive, apart from his marriage no major A accidents happened to him. Mona and Mrs. Grin walls saw Ali after the incident which A may have not known about or was part of A's plan (ie Mona's part) so these two are still alive.. Which leaves the PLLs whose memories from that night are all fuzzy, we know spencer defo left the barn that might and if this

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