Marlene and TP

Caitlin does not have a bother on the show, besides we already know that the reason she will hate Nolan in the show is because Nolan blackmailed her to reveal her mother’s secret If she does not pretend to be his girlfriend. Marlene changed the reasons of the main characters to hate Nolan.

there is not a list on the show, We saw clearly that the main characters were just talking about killing Nolan.

the party oxy will not happen. the main characters are discussing killing Nolan at night in the middle of the forest And Nolan was waiting for a certain person to talk to him, There's no way they'll have time to do it.

If there is any particular information in the series that contradicts a specific plot line from the books so we know that the same plot will not happen.

None series is entirely similar to the original material But the show should be similar to the source material at least 10% like they did with PLL and other shows. The problem with TP is that it is not similar to the books even 5%.

You can not compare TP to other series when TP is unrelated to books at all already from the pilot episode And when Marlene delete three main characters from the book.

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