[Serious] Bullies; why do you bully?

In High School I was considered to be in the "popular, boozey, druggo" group and with that came the status that I was a bully. I wasn't. I was friends with basically everyone in our grade but once the stereotyping of my group came about, people stopped talking to me. People I would say hello to at lunch wouldn't look at me anymore and girls I would sit with in certain classes stopped saving me a seat. Some of the people in my group weren't the nicest people but I always maintained a Switzerland mentality. I liked that I was friends with people from all different groups and I never was intentionally rude to anyone. One day our school had to do a "confession day" where we would all say nice things about one another, what made us upset and all that sort of stuff. I had to stand up and say what upset me and I said something about things I was going through at home etc. (pretty upsetting stuff). The next girl stood up and said "things that upset me is that there is a certain group in this school that puts down others and makes coming to school a hard thing to do, but people from this group still have the audacity to stand up and try and get pity from the people whose lives they make hell." She was looking me in the eye when she said this. I didn't even know this girl, we had never had a class together. Everyone started whispering and giggling in agreement with her and I had to hide the humiliation I was experiencing. I was always a bit of a class clown and even though I mustered a smile while telling my story about life at home, it took every ounce of strength I had to not cry. Everyone in that room hated me (except for my friends who I was really only friends with because I loved to drink when I was younger and so did they.) From that day on I stopped giving a fuck about anyone in my school, they all made it clear they hated me and thought I was a bad person and I knew there was nothing I could do to change their mind. I also felt betrayal because I opened up to so many people that day and it was thrown back in my face. If people whispered around me I would tell them to fuck off. If anyone said something I didn't agree with, I'd turn a simple debate into me ripping them several new assholes. I eventually dropped out of school because I was constantly getting detentions etc. I think I only bullied people out of hurt for them thinking I was something I'm not, but in the end I proved them right. I became the one thing they told me I was.

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