[Serious] Employers of Reddit, what are some giveaways that a person did or didn't do well in a job interview?

If you feel more comfortable having a male doctor because you are male or a male nurse because you are male then I'm sure they will understand.

I do feel more comfortable with guys. Especially when they are poking me with needles. That is why I pick male doctors to see. However, getting a guy most of the time isn't an option for a nurse. What happens when the staff is all females and you refuse care?

Women ask this all the time, I'm sure. They do, but that is different some how. It is way not socially acceptable to toss women out of the room especially if you are a guy. As I get older they less I care about how PC am though.


That is where this country is headed. On the plus side I dream of a day where my male brothers will be stay at home dads. When we can't find work and the schools are stacked against us we will have no jobs except for the ones the women don't want. Think manual labor and military. Give it another 20 years and watch what happens. A lot of the older guys now in power and have no idea what it is like for males currently going to school or growing up. They made it just fine so why can we? Plus those ladies sure are nice and we should help them.

My hope is if enough men start refusing care from female nurses it will force them to change how they teach and school. It's was very interesting to me watching myself and other profession women score lower on tests than a girl I wouldn't trust to care for my goldfish. She can answer the NCLEX style questions though. So she gets the better grade. This shit is all over the literature. However, a lot of nursing schools aren't doing anything about it. In the same token a lot of people in power in the nursing schools are older women who have no idea what it is like for girls growing up or guys. I think a lot of them don't like guys. Again this is starting to change but it still has long way to go.

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