[Serious] Men: What's a bad quality in women that women might be unaware of?

No, no. No red pills. Looks are the packaging of the person. All people react to packaging. Packing is a billion dollar industry. Nobody would buy their usual stuff, no matter how well it worked, if it were badly packaged. It's just how people are. I am certain you like a man better if he has a nice presentation.

A woman does not look good to kow-tow or brown-nose others. No. She is looking down at herself and she is her own first customer. She is very aware of how she looks - to herself first and above all. A woman should look as great as she can, because this will cause her to be beautiful in her own eyes. Only then is it interesting that others will react positively to her.

And that's not as superficial as it sounds. Other people - you do this too - read into a well presented appearance that the person is mature, knowledgeable, has a kind and generous attitude toward others because she is showing respect in looking presentable for them.

Now that may not be true. Some fine-looking people are mean and dress to for the power and the ego of it. But there is a positivism that comes through when a woman has taken steps and made effort to look as good as she can with what nature gave her.

A woman who has brought that off knows she has done something that takes brains, consistency, resolve, determination and self love. This just has to make her self esteem go up. It is quite an achievement. AND she will get recognition for it.

Not from everybody. Only from nice people.

Any of her friends or family who fidget and whine that they don't recognize her this new way aren't being supportive or nice. They are jealous and don't want her social "rank" to rise. That's rather mean, and if they can be got rid of, they should be got rid of.

So no, not everybody will be thrilled. Only the right people.

A woman with little money will study the science of getting the most out of less expensive clothes. That means developing an eye for what is simple and classic. If she has fine hair and wants it lighter, that might mean doing it at home.

Don't bake cakes. They are fattening. But cooking is no sin. In fact it is healthy and saves money. There is a lot of power in putting a nice meal on the table. But you won't get praise from everybody, as I said above. The ones who sneer are exactly the wrong people.

It IS hard to be positive. I could say, force yourself at first, and after about a week or two it becomes second nature, and it really pays off. BE the Pollyanna of your group.

Too bad for them.

Do NOT hang around critical people of either sex. Good luck.

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